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Bee Plumbing LLC is a family owned and operated company established Jan 2020 and is based out of Hall County, Georgia. We are proud to say that we are licensed and insured with over 35 years of experience in plumbing repair and remodel! We are a one stop shop for all your plumbing repairs and needs.

Water Lines

We take pride in doing our best to make all work look nice and neat especially water lines. We are also experts at locating leaks within the building and outside of it.


Drain & Waste Lines

We are set up for all kinds of drain clearing for anything up to a 6 inch line! We also do CCTV camera inspections to check the conditions of your pipe or locate a break in it without having to search. We also specialize in septic location services.

Water Heaters

Everybody sure hates to lose hot water especially during the winter season! We understand how important hot water can be, so we do everything to make sure every water heating unit is installed with care. We also work on and install tankless water heaters.

Bathroom Tiles


Have a toilet that won't quit running? Or have you ever noticed orange stain spots on the flooring behind it? We'd be glad to take a look at it. Sometimes a toilet just needs a simple repair rather than replacing it.


Have a shower that won't quit dripping? Or maybe a handle that won't turn? How about a slow drain? Give us a call and we can get your tub or shower working like brand new!


Natural & Propane Gas

Combustible gas is no joke and should be taken seriously. We are certified and take training classes keeping us up to date in gas work. We triple check to make sure there are absolutely no gas leaks in your lines.

Backflow Prevention Devices

We test, repair, and install back flow prevention devices. We work with Gainesville City Water Department to keep backflow systems up to date. We recertify your device every time we test it and even keep you on an annual list so once you use us we'll call every year to schedule backflow preventor testing.

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